Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman

While warming by the fire on Saturday we watched this video, produced by Vice, on Wim Hof who uses the power of meditation to maintain his core body temperature in extreme conditions. If everyone could learn his techniques, the outdoor apparel industry would quickly be out of business.

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Fossano, Piemonte: GET STORE UOMO & GAJA

Get Store è la storia di due fratelli, di due personalità che si sfiorano, si confrontano, si completano per definire uno stile, un nuovo modo di comunicare sé stessi.
Due personalità forti che hanno scelto, in questo periodo storico segnato da insicurezze e difficoltà, di investire nel cambiamento ed evolvere in una nuova forma e con un nuovo linguaggio.
Get Store nasce da una sfida...

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All Natural Beauties

Introducing FREE PEOPLE Beauty and Wellness.
Direction: Lauren Cohan
DP: Start Winecoff
Producer: Emily Bonner
Casting: Valentina Nourse
1st AC: Armaan Virani
2nd AC: Emma Cook
Gaffer/Grip: Geoffrey Taylor
Hair: Helen Reavey
Makeup: Jennifer Nam
PA: Greg Loftus
Post Production: The Mill
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Post Production Producer: Colin Moneymaker
Colorist: Michael...

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With winter coming closer by the day, we’re getting a little day-dreamy about escaping the slush, sleet, and grime of the city and heading into the woods. Our ideal getaway? The Hemmelig Rom Cabin.

The cabin (whose name translates to ‘Secret Room’ from Norwegian) is everything you would want out of a minimalist getaway. The wooden exterior is stained a stark black that stands out from...

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 REDWOOD - Northern California

MTJP | Redwood is the culmination of several weeks spent exploring Redwood National and State Parks. Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California are home to the tallest trees in the world, the mighty Redwood, which can reach staggering heights of over 360ft and weigh more than 500 tons. These parks feature magical forests, miles of spectacular beaches, stunning overlooks, and the...

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