By themselves, a luxurious hotel or a series of hot springs are somewhat unremarkable. But when they’re put together? That’s not something you come across everyday, and the 7132 Hotel knows it.

Located in Vals, Switzerland this stunningly well designed hotel frames the naturally heated mineralized waters of St. Peters Spring with top-notch amenities. The hot springs have been in this...

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06.10.2017 - MAKERS BIBLE to Palazzo Roberti Library, Bassano del Grappa

Uno speciale ringraziamento alla famiglia Manfrotto.

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SANBRITE ↟ Cortina d'Ampezzo, Dolomiti

Quando la magia si fonde al buon gusto, stile e... natura. Semplicemente Sanbrite.
Grazie a Stefania, Ludovica e Riccardo.

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MODEST DEPARTMENT presents PARIS IS FOR LOVERS – a personal fashion documentary about the French photographer and artist Viktor Vauthier. During the 16 minutes film, we get an insight into his aesthetic vision and follow him on his everyday life. The documentary also features Virgil Abloh, his big love Ella, Alex Olson and many more.

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Where Do Ideas Come From?

A short film about the mysteries of inspiration.
Featuring thoughts on the subject by:
David Lynch
Robert Krulwich
Chuck Close
Tracy Clayton & Heben Nigatu
Ray Barbee
Lulu Miller
Susan Orlean
and a couple of kids named Mason and Ursula

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