Tech - The HiBed Is A Fully-Connected High-Tech Relaxation Station

The integration of smart devices into our daily lives is becoming more and more prevalent, and with things like fitness-oriented watches and health-conscious phones taking center stage, it was only a matter of time before our home’s most improbable items received the intelligent treatment. Now, to fulfill every dream that we didn’t know we had, Fabio Vinella’s new-and-improved,...

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The Wild Inside

A haunting short about inmates in the Arizona state-prison system working to break wild horses as they prepare for their own release.

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14 mag 2019


For all you Brothers and Sisters out there... this ones for you.

Our stories are all different, yet the same, and the names are endless: Adventure buddy, co-pilot, copy-cat, tag-along, queen, king... The list is long, but what it boils down to is simply brother or sister, or as I like to put it, best friend, worst enemy.
Childhood was like one giant experiment and, being the younger sibling,...

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"(Life) While Traveling" is a short film about the way we look to the world when we travel. It's about colors, shapes, textures and details that surrounds us every day, but we only realize when we are far from home.

Director/Editor: Joan Bosch

Voice-Over: Anna Maruny
Sound Studio: Serena

California & Nevada,

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