Bourbon Barrel Adirondack Chair

30 lug 2018

Bourbon Barrel Adirondack Chair

The Hungarian Workshop is owned and ran by the talented Balazs Moldovan, and the birth of the shop can be traced back to his love of Legos. He’s paying the rent by doing what he loves, building beautiful furniture creations, and one of his latest, the Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chair, is as unique as it is comfortable.

Each one of the backyard loungers is made of reclaimed bourbon barrel wood from a Bluegrass distillery, along with stainless steel and good old American Oak. Sanded to perfection, while leaving the gorgeous, whiskey-aged patina in tact, each Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chair is truly one-of-a-kind. All of the barrel staves are slightly curved, in order to provide reliable support and comfort, so you can place one in your backyard, sit back with a cold one and unravel. Each lounger is made to order for the best quality work possible and you can choose between a closed or open top back rest style.

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