Vans Van Gogh Collection

03 ago 2018

Vans Van Gogh Collection

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the most troubled figures to ever put paint to canvas – and he was also one of the most brilliant. And while it used to be the case that seeing his works meant heading to a museum, that’s about to change – as Vans has partnered with the Van Gogh museum to release this official streetwear collection featuring his artwork.

Now you can cop your favorite classic skate shoes and apparel, in a number of different styles, with some of Vincent Van Gogh’s most beautiful works of art. The prints include Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait, as well as notable works like Sunflowers, Skull, and Almond Blossom. And they grace everything from Vans’ classic slip-on, to their hi-tops, to jackets, long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts, and even a hat. Best part is: all of the museum’s proceeds of this collection will go toward preserving the master artist’s legacy – meaning buying a killer pair of these sneakers also qualifies as supporting an important part of art history. Sign up on the Vans website for information on pricing and availability.

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