Auction Block: 1943 Dodge WC51 And 1943 Harley WL

08 ago 2018

Auction Block: 1943 Dodge WC51 And 1943 Harley WL

Dodge and the US Military go way back. Their relationship spans over 100 years and dates back to before WWI. The Dodge WC51 truck was used to transport equipment in every theater during WWII, and was as ubiquitous and integral to the US war effort as the Jeeps driven by soldiers in the ’40s. Up for sale is one of those iconic Dodge WC51 trucks, carrying an immaculately restored 1943 Harley WL in tow.

Powered by a robust 230 cubic inch flathead inline six engine, the Dodge WC series helped carry troops and equipment during the second World War. This 1943 WC51 is from the first series of trucks to head overseas, and is an unblemished representation of the Dodges from WWII. Built with a Weapons Carrier body on a 98-inch chassis, the truck comes equipped with all the appendages and fixings one of these trucks would have come with during the war, including a standard issue WWII-spec shovel, axe, camouflage netting, jerry cans, armament cases, and more. Attached to the back is a period correct replica trailer built from photographs and documentations, and a near perfect WWII era ’43 Harley WL, which was discovered in a barracks and faithfully restored with period correct accessories.

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