ATELIER & REPAIRS - Maurizio Donadi

31 mag 2016

ATELIER & REPAIRS - Maurizio Donadi

Our source of inspiration comes from the idea of transforming rather than producing, listening rather than designing, and experimenting rather than planning.

We aim to build a sustainable business by not producing anything new, but instead fixing, improving, recreating and up-cycling what already exists.
ATELIER & REPAIRS Los Angeles is a process at work with a focus on creating unique, up-cycled and limited-run reconstruction of apparel, accessories and other objects.
ATELIER & REPAIRS London is a bespoke, neighborhood destination offering services across customisation, reconstruction and alterations for private clientele as well as local brands and retailers.

We also create unique up-cycled and limited run apparel and accessories through our tranformation initiative.

Maurizio Donadi

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