Let me introduce myself : my name is Leonardo Nave and professionally speaking I was born as a representative agent for Northeast Italy for some of the most prestigious brands in the world of JEANS . In the recent years I have been following my passion for authentic brands with high intrinsic quality and a real story behind them .. mainly focusing on North American brands .

When I realized that my focus was CONSISTENCY in everything I undertook and carried out in my profession, I decide it was time to start CASA & BOTTEGA (in 2012).

C & B is my space / showroom and is immersed in the green countryside of Bassano . When I saw the place for the first time it was love at first sight! Yes, this place had something magical , it passed a unique energy ... and I " breathed " in its lungs.

Along with C & B my new project is also WEB MANAGEMENT that leverages the experience gained over the years as an agent, and that intends to embrace WEB communication with my natural inclination towards photography, brands authenticity, the force of nature , and music.
I would therefore like to offer a professional and comprehensive service to customers with stores or companies that feel the desire and the need to communicate to the world in a simple, modern and effective way.

Amongst my passions I would also like to talk about the animal WOLF (LUPO in Italian) .. I love its wonderful features and aspects and I feel I can relate to them as part of myself.
Hence the idea of LupoLeo as my logo and nickname for my social profiles.

This is it.

Leonardo - LupoLeo