"(Life) While Traveling" is a short film about the way we look to the world when we travel. It's about colors, shapes, textures and details that surrounds us every day, but we only realize when we are far from home.

Director/Editor: Joan Bosch

Voice-Over: Anna Maruny
Sound Studio: Serena

California & Nevada,

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Feb 20, 2019


"They had forgotten that the earth was their mother" - Black Elk

wolakota (pron: woh - lah - koh - dah) means the Lakota people’s sacred way of life. It stands for peace, harmony, good relationship and respect between human beings and all forms of life.

A film by Wanbli Omani and Tim Sessler. Shot on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, at Devils Tower, WY and in NYC.

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MAKERS BIBLE HQ - A Manifesto for Quality, Passion & Craftsmanship

In Munich, where MAKERS BIBLE is born ... and the team of its creative minds working.

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