Feb 20, 2019


"They had forgotten that the earth was their mother" - Black Elk

wolakota (pron: woh - lah - koh - dah) means the Lakota people’s sacred way of life. It stands for peace, harmony, good relationship and respect between human beings and all forms of life.

A film by Wanbli Omani and Tim Sessler. Shot on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, at Devils Tower, WY and in NYC.

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Rooftop freestyle skiing in Avoriaz 1800, France.
This ambitious project was initiated three years ago, but in January 2016, Richard broke his two heels on a severe landing after jumping from one of the rooftops.
After hundreds of hours of physical therapy, he’s making a spectacular come back among the elite of freeski, to complete this unfinished chapter of his athlete life.

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GMC Short Bus Adventure Van

There’s no denying how popular the adventure van trend has become – and it makes sense, as putting your home on wheels is one of the best ways to see more of the world. But while most folks turn to vehicle customizers and/or pre-built examples, some folks are a little more industrious. In fact, one couple (who go by the handle, WeTravelByBus) turned an old GMC Short Bus into one of the best...

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At Home Outdoors

Do you know the feeling when you just head out into nature. After a few kilometres you immediately know:
You just feel at so calm, relaxed and happy. You are at home outdoors.

Last march we traveled through Canada with a camping Car which we painted along the way.
And we really felt home.

Enjoy our 2 weeks in 3 minutes.

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Auction Block: 1943 Dodge WC51 And 1943 Harley WL

Dodge and the US Military go way back. Their relationship spans over 100 years and dates back to before WWI. The Dodge WC51 truck was used to transport equipment in every theater during WWII, and was as ubiquitous and integral to the US war effort as the Jeeps driven by soldiers in the ’40s. Up for sale is one of those iconic Dodge WC51 trucks, carrying an immaculately restored 1943 Harley WL...

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